Outward-Looking Group

The Outward-Looking Group currently focuses on three areas of church life: mission partners; links with local churches; exploring what kind of church we want to be. It thus aims

Mission further afield 

The Outward-Looking Group has a remit to organise our charity mission programme and support. Its areas of support (both financial and in kind) include

  • Children/Youth (Berwickshire Christian Youth Trust, Aberlour Childcare Trust, for which members of the congregation provide Christmas gifts for the children in its care),
  • Elderly/Homeless (Alzheimer’s Research, Fresh Start Borders, supporting Duns Foodbank) and
  • Health/Global (Cerebral Palsy Africa, FGM*). Funds raised by Cerebral Palsy Africa help to fund AHDI, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Lusaka, Zambia; Edinburgh Direct Aid provides essential clothing and equipment to Syrian and other refugees.
  • Special events including the World Day of Prayer and Christian Aid Week.

Several fund-raising events are held each year, including a gift month, coffee mornings, concerts and study days. These planned events are enthusiastically supported both by the congregation and by other members of the local communities. There is plenty of enthusiasm and good reception of new ideas. About £2,538 in 2016 and £837 in 2017 was raised in this way towards the expenses of the Church.

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